“It Ain’t Worth It” Video

"It Ain't Worth It" Video


Role models. Peer Pressure. Self-Discipline.

NBA star A.C. Green addresses these topics and more as he sits down for a straight talk with teens about abstinence. The decisions made today will directly impact tomorrow, and A.C. talks about setting and reaching goals, as well as his stand for abstinence.

Supported by excerpts from the original “It Ain’t Worth It,” A.C. reveals the truth about sex, and explains how young people can make a difference in lives – starting with their own.

The A.C. Green Youth Foundation is a non-profit youth organization that strongly promotes the message of abstinence. To date there are more than 50 different sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), many of which are rampant among the youth of our nation. These diseases, coupled with the millions of unwanted pregnancies that end in an untold number of abortions each year, are symptoms of a national epidemic: sexual promiscuity. The costs of this epidemic – human suffering, loss of life, expense to society – are staggering.

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But there is an answer.

There is one truly safe way to protect yourself against pregnancy, STDs and AIDS – by abstaining from sexual intercourse until marriage, and practicing mutual fidelity for life to an uninfected partner.

The video addresses the problems that teens face today when it comes to making the right and responsible decisions regarding their sexual behavior. Pressure from peers and the media toward sexual relationships are major influences in a teenager’s decision-making process. Kids are confronted daily with the lie that “everyone is doing it.” They need someone to tell them that this simply is not true; not everyone is having sex.

Unfortunately, this message may come too late for some who have already made the mistake of premarital sex. For this reason “It Ain’t Worth It: The Interview” also addresses the issue of secondary virginity. Teens who have been sexually active can choose to stop. Kids can start over. As responsible adults and role models, we need to tell our young people that even though they can’t change the past, they can go forward. They can regain their self-respect and protect their health – it is never too late to say no to premarital sex.

This video is an aid to educate and enlighten young people to the so-called “safe-sex” method of protection against the HIV virus, unwanted pregnancies and other consequences of sexual promiscuity. Themes of hope, self-discipline and positive self-esteem are addressed. Our focus, however, is abstinence – the only 100% effective method of protection against pregnancy, STDs and HIV.