Articles By AC

Articles by A.C. Green

Moving Forward In A New Year 
    As I’ve said many times, we can’t change the past, but we can do everything about the present. At times, it is helpful to look back and evaluate past decisions, and learn from the consequences – both positive and negative.
Microwave Life
    We seem to live in a society that wants everything easy and everything immediately. But you know as well as I do that the things that you have to work (and often wait for) are the things that last and the things that really matter.
Choosing Your Friends, Dates, and Potential Mates
    I’ve learned something about external characteristics…they are external! Surprised? Guys, a nice set of legs will not support you in your goals, and push you to be a better person. Girls, a great bicep will not support you emotionally and look for ways to make you feel special. Great hair cannot be honest with you, and nice nails cannot treat you with kindness and respect.
New Beginnings
    As we start a new year, I’m not going to tell you to make special resolutions about losing so many pounds, or increasing your bench press, or anything like that. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with those goals – and we know that physical exercise does benefit us (a little). But I want to talk about something more important than the external.
Looking Back To Move Forward
    Don't be afraid to learn from your past as you move forward into the future. But remember, past mistakes never mean you have to fail in the future. Today is a new day. Start making good decisions that will lead you toward your goals.
Finding A Leader
    I had found a leader. There was someone I wanted to follow. A positive role model who could help me achieve my goals.
Setting Goals
    Moving at a steady pace toward a goal also builds confidence. Learning to do something that you couldn’t do before is an incredible experience. Seeing the tangible results of your work toward a specific goal gives you the confidence to continue moving forward.
Time Management
    What is really important to you in life? Do you want to be a doctor, an artist, a teacher? All of these goals will take discipline. And they will also require good time management.
Being Dependable 
    Dependability doesn’t mean you will achieve perfection. Dependability means you will get up and keep going. If you want to be successful, you must be dependable!
Other People Matter
    Don’t always be looking for what you can get from others. Instead, focus on what you can give. It will make all the difference in your friendships. Even more importantly, it will make all the difference in you!
    Self-discipline breeds success. You must have discipline to reach a championship level in life. Discipline will preserve you. Accept discipline from others and develop self-discipline.
Replace A Critical Attitude 
    When you feel the urge to criticize someone for not measuring up to YOUR standards… first take some time and examine yourself. Deal first with what needs to change in you. Gentleness takes strength. Are you strong enough?