Other People Matter

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by A.C. Green

How do you treat those around you? Are they doormats to be stepped on, or precious gifts to be treasured?

When I played basketball in high school, college, and the NBA, there was always one common denominator: I had teammates. And over the years, I learned something about the importance of those teammates. I couldn’t win without them! No matter how hard I played, there was no way I could win one-on-five. Other people are important.

You need teammates in life too. Other people can help pull you up when you are down, they can encourage you to do what’s right when you need support. (They can also pull you down if you pick the wrong friends – read about peer pressure here.)

Because people matter, it matters how you treat people. For example, if you are working on a class project in a group, everyone needs to do their part. You need to trust your classmates, and they need to trust you. How I chose to interact with them played a big part in how much they trusted me. If I was never willing to lend a helping hand off the court, or treat them with kindness or respect, how trustworthy would I be in the heat of battle?

If you are constantly asking your friends for favors, for money, or for their time, but are never willing to make sacrifices for their benefit, what message are you sending? Will they feel valued for the people they are, or simply feel used?

We all know the golden rule for a reason – it’s a good rule! Treat others how you want to be treated. Don’t always be looking for what you can get from others. Instead, focus on what you can give. It will make all the difference in your friendships. Even more importantly, it will make all the difference in you!

Action steps for this month:

  • Each week, try to be a blessing to someone. Do something for them without expecting anything in return.
  • Make a list of what you appreciate about your friends.

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