What We Do

What We Do

Leadership Program

Every year we sponsor approximately hundreds of youth to attend our leadership basketball programs.  We identify—and develop—the potential of children who might otherwise be forgotten—those who lack positive role models, are physically and/or emotionally abused, economically disadvantaged or victims of homelessness. Learn more…

Abstinence Education

To abstain means to voluntarily choose not to do something. We encourage the youth we serve to abstain from anything that might hinder their purpose, dreams and goals. Learn more…


We are committed to helping youth succeed, and we provide mentoring services through our programs, A.C. Green’s blogs and articles, appearances, and other social media. To read A.C.’s articles, click here.

Appearances by A.C. Green

Every year, A.C. Green speaks to thousands of youth and families, explaining how decisions you make today directly impact your tomorrow.  If you are interested in scheduling A.C. for an appearance, click here.

Social Media

We want to stay in touch with you.  Learn more about A.C. Green and the Foundation by connecting with us through social media.

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