Game Plan Workbook

Game Plan Abstinence Workbook

Game Plan CurriculumIn today’s society, teens are faced with incredible pressures to become sexually active. Despite these pressures, nearly all teens surveyed (93%) said that teens should be given a “strong message” that they should abstain from sex. Most students surveyed have never had sex, and those who had wish they hadn’t. Teens need to know about the physical and emotional risks of sexual activity outside of marriage, so that they can make good decisions that will help them in reaching their future goals and dreams.

Game Plan, developed in conjunction with AC Green, uses a positive, sports-themed approach to understanding the benefits of abstinence. The eight-session program helps teens to formulate a game plan for their future and helps them to decide for themselves that abstinence is the healthiest choice.

Teenagers today are looking for positive role models to help them make good decisions – especially when it comes to sexual activity.

A.C. Green, the “Iron Man” of the NBA, is noted for his record of playing in 1,192 consecutive games in his career and is recognized for his decision to remain abstinent until marriage. In Game Plan, Green shares his message with teens, encouraging them to achieve their game plan by choosing abstinence.

The eight session program offers students the opportunity to consider to benefits of choosing abstinence before marriage and the consequences of sexual activity.

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Session Subject Description


I Got Game!

To help students think about how the choices they make will affect their future, positively and negatively, and to assist students in considering their goals for the future.


TV Time-Out

To help students understand how they are influenced by the media and to learn how to critically analyze and view media.


Rules of the Game

To help students realize that setting personal boundaries and guidelines will assist them in abstaining from premarital sex and help them in achieving personal goals and avoiding negative consequences.


Avoiding the Penalties

To help students understand the very serious nature and extent of sexually transmitted disease (STDs) in America today, and to help students realize that abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent STDs.



To give students the opportunity to choose abstinence if they have already engaged in sexual activity. To provide information that regardless of past behavior or choices, students can still choose abstinence.


Building Your Team

To help students understand the importance of choosing friends wisely, and to assist students in establishing guidelines for healthy dating relationships.


Winning the Prize

The give students information on the positive benefits of marriage and help them to consider this information for themselves and for their future.


Game Time

To help students put the principles learned in Game Plan into practice by revisiting their goals and by making a concrete game plan. To help students set personal boundaries and resist peer pressure in order to accomplish their goals.