Letter From A.C. Green

Letter from A.C. Green

AC001The A.C. Green Youth Foundation is about building character, building strong bodies and strong minds, winning and losing with dignity, teamwork, and sacrifice. We provide programs that ignite dreams and an abstinence program that says it's okay to wait until marriage. In short, we are building leaders. Leaders who, in their individual capacity, no matter what their station in life, will be able to stand up for what is right instead of wrong, and in fact, will be their brother's keeper.

My passions go far beyond professional basketball. I ardently desire to influence the younger generation, both male and female, to fulfill their potential by tenaciously pursuing their dreams in accordance with their gifts and talents.

I feel many of our nation's young people feel largely rejected and neglected, which breeds hopelessness and despair. Having twelve nieces and nephews, I am in touch with the youth of today on a personal level and feel a great deal of love and concern for them.

I firmly believe that my background as an NBA All Star is a platform from which to be heard, and a vehicle to help young people.


A.C. Green
Founder and President