New Beginnings

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by A.C. Green

“It’s up to you. That’s the great thing – no one else can make your character”

The New Year is always a time of new beginnings for many. Parties are attended, resolutions are made…it must be the busiest time of the year at the gym – all those new memberships!

As we start a new year, I’m not going to tell you to make special resolutions about losing so many pounds, or increasing your bench press, or anything like that. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with those goals – and we know that physical exercise does benefit us (a little). But I want to talk about something more important than the external.

I want to challenge you to begin this year with goals for your character. What kind of person do you want to become? How are you going to get there? Goals will help you set a path for yourself. As I’ve told you before, there is a reason that a race has a starting point and a finish line. It lets you know where to begin and end the race. Setting a goal accomplishes the same purpose.

We all know that what’s inside counts, but often we focus on ‘fixing’ our external, because that’s what people see first. Sometimes we never even get around to working on what’s inside. Don’t make that mistake! Girls, have you ever met a guy who you KNEW you wanted to date…until he opened his mouth? Guys, how about you? Those biceps may make a first impression, but your character is going to make a lasting impression. Make sure it’s a good one.

A magazine did a NBA player’s poll once, asking more than 58 NBA players all sorts of questions. One question was, “Which of your fellow NBA players do you respect most off the court.” A player that named me said, “I admire A.C. Green, the way he’s conducted his life. Most people wish they could be like him. He’s true to his beliefs.”

I don’t say that to toot my own horn. I could name off several close friends who fit that description, and I’ve learned from every single one of them. The reason I mention that quote is because it means more to me than any dunk I ever had. And it certainly means more to me than running a faster mile, or getting the perfect haircut! You need to understand, external stuff is just that – external. Other people can affect it, it really has very little to do with who you are as a person. But the internal character has everything to do with who you really are.

It’s up to you. That’s the great thing – no one else can make your character. Who do you want to be? What type of person are you going to become? It starts today. It starts on the inside.

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