“I’ve Got the Power” Curriculum

"I've Got the Power" Curriculum


“I’ve Got The Power” is a tool for today’s youth. Powerlessness is a universal feeling among today’s youth. If our youth are taught, through abstinence-based curriculum, that they have the power to control themselves and to change their lives in the process, the result may be less promiscuity and increased personal effort to step out of the cycle.

Research demonstrates the abstinence-based curriculum works (Olsen & Weed, 1987). Even school-based clinic proponent Kirby (1991) suggests that abstinence may be an effective message in the efforts to reduce teenage pregnancy.  For inner city teenagers, a curriculum empowering students in a society that infers through sex education and condom distribution that they are powerless might well be the answer.

“I’ve Got The Power” stresses that individuals have power over their own bodies and lives.

An outline of the six-week curriculum is as follows:

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Session Subject Description
UNIT ONE: Power of Ownership Students will realize their self-worth and value as human beings and know that they have the power of ownership because their bodies are their primary, personal possesions.
UNIT TWO: Power of Responsibility Students will understand that as boundaries exist around homes and personal property, there are also boundary lines they can set for their own bodies.
UNIT THREE: Power of Purpose Students will assess their gifts, consider a career, and identify the steps they must take in order to pursue a career knowing that they are here for a purpose.
UNIT FOUR: Power of Setting Boundaries Students will understand the importance of rules, which govern our lives, and realize that setting boundaries is essential in avoiding chaos.
UNIT FIVE: Power of Decision Students will understand that they have the right to make decisions that affect their own bodies and realize that they have a measure of control over their lives.
UNIT SIX: Power of "No" Students will support their right to say "NO."
UNIT SEVEN: Power of Persuasion 

Students will evaluate whether or not it is better to decide “NOT YET” or “NO MORE.”