Choosing Your Friends, Dates, And Potential Mates

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by A.C. Green

“Dang, he’s hot.”

“Man, she’s working it.”

“Look at those abs.”

“Look at those legs.”

So how often do you hear those comments made?

Are those the most important characteristics to look for in a boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend for that matter? If not, why do people spend so much time talking about the external attributes of a person.

I’ve learned something about external characteristics…they are external! Surprised?

Guys, a nice set of legs will not support you in your goals, and push you to be a better person. Girls, a great bicep will not support you emotionally and look for ways to make you feel special. Great hair cannot be honest with you, and nice nails cannot treat you with kindness and respect.

Have you ever ordered something that you saw on TV or online, and then when it arrived, it was nothing like what you expected? Weren’t you disappointed to see that the real product was substantially less than what was advertised? Well, choosing to date someone based on physical appearance is very similar – you’re basing your choice on the packaging, instead of the actual product!

Think about your best friend. Why is that person important to you? I have a strong suspicion that it has very little to do with what’s on the outside, and a great deal to do with the inside condition. A sign of a great friend is when that individual makes you want to be a better person.

My best friend is my wife, and I am so thankful for her. Not only for the woman she is, but also because she has helped me grow and become the man I am today. I trust her, I enjoy conversation with her, I am encouraged by her words, I am strengthened by her care and concern, and I love the person she is. Oh, I almost forgot to mention – she is beautiful!

Please understand, there is a reason I mentioned the physical appearance last. It’s just the cover. The richness of her heart, the depth of her character…those things are the inside of the book. That’s what occupies my mind and what captured my heart.

Here’s what I am trying to say to you. If you pick a boyfriend or girlfriend without considering the person they are on the inside…well, just don’t do it! Evaluate character as thoroughly as you evaluate the outside appearance. No, strike that – spend more time evaluating the inside. And remember, character doesn’t fade…it only gets better with time!

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