I Don’t Think About Girls…

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I like A.C. and that’s why I signed up. But I’m gay, and Ive known this for a long time. All my friends keep talking about girls, but I never thought about it. I got some girlfriends, but I don’t think about girls and sex. But theres some guys and sometimes I just want to be close to them. No one knows Im gay, and I think my mom would kick me out of the house if she knew. What should I do?
D, age 15


Dear D,

15-year-olds are going through so many changes. Sexually they are trying to figure it all out. Unfortunately the media has made teenagers feel they need to get involved in sex right away, because – frankly, and unfortunately – sex sells. Do not believe the lie! I do not want to downplay what you are feeling about your sexuality…but as teenagers are developing into young adults, their bodies are growing and doing some strange things. I remember… I was a teenager once and thought I would never grow into my lips or ears, my emotions seemed to be scattered like peanut butter on bread. Give your body time to mature; your emotions time to level out. Try focusing on your goals and building up character traits and decision making skills that will allow you to reach your dreams and goals. Focus on developing into a man of character – a man who has self-discipline and exercises control by practicing abstinence until marriage; a man who reaches his dreams and becomes a role model to youth someday.

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