Prom: A Night To Remember…

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…and a few things NOT to forget!

Prom night is fast approaching.

Guys might be gathering the nerve to ask that special girl. Girls might be trying to act relaxed as they wonder who will ask them. Limousine companies throughout the city wait for the calls to begin pouring in for reservations. Department stores are stocking the latest (and most expensive) evening wear, and the staff at tuxedo shops prepare to explain to countless young men that “those pants aren’t supposed to be baggy!” Oh, what a night.

As you prepare for this year’s prom, for that special “night to remember” – here’s a few things you must not forget:


  • Your date invited you to join him for this special evening. He chose to invest time and money – it was his decision. In response, you should treat him with kindness and thank him for what hopefully turns out to be a wonderful evening. Don’t forget to tell him that he looks good in his tuxedo. After all, it might be the first time he’s worn a tie that wasn’t being used as a headband! But remember, you don’t owe him anything! For more information, read why you don’t owe sex to anyone.


  • You invited a date to join you for this special evening. You knew prom would be a costly evening, yet you still chose to go. Your date is not responsible for “reimbursing” you, in any way. Your reward is spending the evening with her. She was kind enough to accept your invitation – don’t make her regret that decision! Treat her with respect, compliment her on her dress and her hair. And for goodness sake – make sure you take a shower and comb your hair before you pick her up! By the way, if you think sex makes you a man…then you need to read this!


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