Don’t Want To Lose Him

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Hi, I had a question for you. I have this boyfriend and he is really sweet but I am scared. All my life when I found someone they left me or cheated on me and I am scared that he will do the same thing. What should I do? Please help me, I really love him and I don’t want to lose him. Please help.Angel, age 17

Angel, I’m sorry to hear how guys have treated you in the past. First thing you need to do is recognize that you deserve better! Second thing I would urge you to do is carefully consider a guy’s character when you date him. Is he trustworthy, is he honest, does he put the needs of others before his own? Does he treat all women with respect?

However, I think there is a bigger issue here. You have to ask yourself – “how much do I love myself?” Understand I don’t mean this in a selfish way. But are you looking forward toward your dreams and goals? Are you concentrating on becoming the woman you can be? It seems you may be looking outside for love and validation – you need to be able to find that in yourself. A relationship is not going to complete you.

When the time is right and that person does enter your life, focus on what’s inside. It is so easy to focus on the physical. But what’s inside is what drives the man. You said that your new boyfriend is really sweet, and I’m glad to hear that. Just remember, you deserve to be treated with respect – don’t settle for less. Don’t ever have sex to ‘prove’ your love. And also, remember that if he truly loves you, he will not ask you to do anything that could jeapordize your future and your dreams.

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