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Why do some guys act one way but mean another? I was dating this guy for awhile and we had sex, but he wasn’t the one that broke off our relationship, it was me does that mean that I have a problem?

Jessica*, 14

Dear Jessica,

It sounds like you are asking why some guys don’t do what they say they will, or act how they say they will. Or why do they say one thing to you, but something completely different to others. Simply put, that comes down to an issue of character. Specifically, I would question a guy’s integrity and trustworthiness if he is consistently giving mixed messages.

I think it is wise that you are not in that relationship anymore, particularly since sex was part of the equation. Abstinence is definitely the way to go – it brings freedom from a lot of possible consequence. Also, practicing abstinence allows you to focus on the social and emotional aspects of the relationship. Please realize it is NEVER too late to choose abstinence. Even if you have had sex in the past, you can always start over.


* name changed

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