Friendship Is Key

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hey, I really need advice last year a friend threw a huge party, and a guy came up to me I knew him from school and he came and hugged me I was like “thats cool, i guess!”I moved a couple of weeks after that and everyone was sad! I move back over the summer, looking wayyyyyyy different and people trip!

School starts and all the guys want to know me and the second day of school I had 7 guys ask me out , i was flattered but not interested! I have gym with the same guy frome the party. We became really good friends and still are, but that’s where the problem lies at – we are such good friends, we like each other more than that! We’ve kissed but nothing other than that! One of the gym coaches stops us and says “wow! you guys have been together for a long time!” we walk off smiling at one another. We talk everyday and we’ve talked about dating before.

Danica, age 14


I think that is great that you have formed a strong friendship. Make sure that is always the focus of the relationship. If you both really care about each other, you will want what is best for each other – and that is a great place to be!


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