Poll: Parents Favor Abstinence Education

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More than 90% want schools to teach qualities tied to marriage
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A majority of American parents favor a message to teens that promotes abstaining from sexual activity, according to a new poll.Out of the 1,004 parents surveyed across the nation, 96 percent said abstinence is best for teens, according to Zogby International, which was commissioned by Focus on the Family to conduct the poll.

Ninety-one percent said the best choice is for sexual activity to be linked to love, intimacy and commitment.

These are the qualities most likely to occur in a faithful marriage, says the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council.

“For too long, teenagers have been fed the lie that reliance on contraception amounts to ‘safe sex.’ It doesn’t,” said Genevieve Wood, the FRC’s vice president of communications. “Parents are waking up to the fact that schools aren’t teaching their children the values of love, commitment and basic life choices that lead to building a healthy marriage.”

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