Will He Use Me Too?

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Hey , Thanks for the advice! I really like this guy but I don’t want to be used and talked about! Do you know how some guys will be like ‘oh yeah I wouldn’t do that’ (use a girl) and then talk about her? Well if he’s done it to another girl does that mean he’ll use me too?

Danica, age 14


Thanks for writing again…to steal a phrase from my answer to your last question: “Simply put, that comes down to an issue of character. Specifically, I would question a guy’s integrity and trustworthiness if he is consistently giving mixed messages.”

Here’s the deal Danica. If a guy has made a habit of using girls, there is a very good chance he will do it again. Yes, people can change! BUT – if he consistently uses girls, you need to understand it’s likely he is using you. And if he is using you to get what he wants – that is not real love, and he’s not a real man.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but you need to date someone who cares about you for who you are. Someone who will consider your needs above their desires. Someone with strong character.


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