He’s Hassling Me

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I am 18 and not active sexually. My brother-in-law keeps on hassling me about it. I think it’s really none of his business, he should be happy I have goals in my life and I don’t want a relationship like the one he had with my sister (divorced).



First of all, congratulations on staying committed to abstinence and being committed to reaching your goals in life.

As I’ve said before, there will often be people who don’t agree with your stand on abstinence. But don’t let that keep you from doing what you know is best. It’s easy to go along with peer pressure. It’s hard to stand for what is right – but it’s worth it.

And don’t forget about the health benefits of abstinence, the physical and emotional consequences of sex, and the freedom that comes from practicing abstinence.

The decisions you make today will directly affect your tomorrow. Choose wisely.

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