Television Programs Linked To Teen Pregnancy

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A recent study proves what we’ve known all along… if you put garbage in, you get garbage out.

A study published in the November edition of the journal Pediatrics, found that “teens exposed to high levels of sexual content on television were twice as likely to be involved in a pregnancy in the following three years as teens with limited exposure.”

Other highlights – or lowlights – from the article:

  • “The study…followed a 2004 study by some of the same scientists that indicated watching sexual content on TV can make teens more likely to have sex at earlier ages.”
  • “Nearly 1 million young women between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant each year in the U.S., and they are more likely than other teens to drop out of high school and live in poverty.”

The Good News
The good news – the study interviewed 2,003 boys and girls between the years of 2001 and 2004. (By the time the interviews in 2004, the age range was 15-20.) By the last interview, 744 youths shared they had engaged in sexual intercourse – 37%. For those of you keeping “score,” that means 63% had not! That means 63% chose to look out for their dreams and goals, focusing on what they wanted MOST, over what they wanted for the MOMENT.

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The full story is here:

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