A.C. Green Teams Up with Sherman Indian High School

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Press Release:
April 20, 20016

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A.C. Green recently teamed up with a variety of individuals and organizations to provide support to the Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, California. The group was focused on improving the technology resources available to students, and their efforts resulted in the purchase and installation of 11 Smart TVs throughout the school.

ACGreen_ShermanIndian“Students have benefited greatly from this generous donation,” said Tripp Doepner, principal of Sherman Indian High School. “There has been an immediate impact socially, educationally, and in overall child development; moreover, students have an increased interest in viewing educational resources regarding their culture and heritage.”

A.C. Green, president and founder of the A.C. Green Youth Foundation, former NBA All-Star, and the NBA’s Iron Man, says he was thrilled to be a part of this initiative. “I couldn’t be more pleased by the collective effort from my friends to support Sherman Indian High School,” said Green “The moment Mike Mirelez and I presented this completed fundraising project to Principal Doepner was one of the great experiences of my life. This is just the first of many projects to support the school, and I hope more individuals and organizations will choose to join my team.”

“I offer my deepest appreciation and sincere thanks to my all-star team of supporters, including Benefits Exchange Alliance (BXA), Red Earth Casino, Torres Martinez Desert Coahuila Indiana, Selnek-is Tem-al, The Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, N.I.G.A. (Chairman Ernie Stevens, Jr.) and Mike Mirelez and friends (Lead the Charge),” said Green. He added, “I didn’t have to ask anyone twice, as these men and women jumped at the chance to partner with me in support of this noble cause. I know they share my excitement to see the dynamic leaders who will emerge from this great school, both now and in the future.”

Green is already planning his next initiative to raise money for the school. “The A.C. Green Youth Foundation and I are challenging local businesses to a game of “One-FOR-One,” Green said. “The cost is $250, and the outcome is fixed, but it’s a game you definitely want to play.”

To learn more, contact the A.C. Green Youth Foundation at 1.800.AC.Youth.

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