Abstinence Will Profit Me

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Some thoughts from a young man who is committed to his future.

“I feel that is very important to me that I keep my virginity, it means a lot to me to keep myself and give myself to someone that will be equally yoked with me. In these days and times, there is no telling what kind of diseases and STDs are out there in this sinful world. I thank God that he has helped me to be able to keep myself and I pray that he continues to keep me while through the year I have left at home and in high school. I know the pressure is even stronger in college, but with God’s help and my right motivation, I know that I can keep myself until God puts that loving, beautiful, and equally yoked woman into my presence. This journey is not an easy task, but in the long-run I know that abstinence will profit me in folds. I do get picked on for being a virgin because the opportunity is there but do and will continue to turn my head. Always keep me in your prayers so that I may grow stronger and rooted in the Lord!”

Mazaratti, age 14

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