One Week from Today…

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by James

One week from today, I am getting married!

And one week from today, I will be able to offer my wife something I have never given to anyone – my virginity.

We all know that A.C. Green chose abstinence until marriage. He told us why:

I wanted to take control of my future.

He told us it wasn’t easy:

It isn’t easy. It wasn’t a popular decision then, just like it can be an unpopular decision now. It doesn’t always make me more friends.

He says it got easier:

But every single day I say ‘yes’ to abstinence, it becomes that much easier. If you make a decision, and you practice it, that practice turns into a habit and the habit becomes a lifestyle.

A.C. Green has been a role model to so many people, myself included. I had already decided to be abstinent until marriage before I met A.C., but he helped show me how to remain committed to my future wife, as well as to my goals and dreams.

And he was right, it isn’t always easy. My future wife is the most beautiful woman I have ever known (inside and out). She says I’m biased, but I’m telling you, she is amazing. Sometimes it is hard to remember to choose what is best – abstinence until marriage.

But she is also my best friend. And when I think about what is best not just for me, but also for my best friend, it is so much easier to wait. Because she is my best friend, she supports me. We’re in this together, and she is also saving herself for me and protecting our future together. That’s teamwork, and it’s wonderful!

You may be reading this and saying, but I’ve already made a mistake. It’s too late. NEVER! It is never too late to choose abstinence; it is never too late to say, I’m going to make a change and from this point forward I am waiting! Do it for yourself, and for your future spouse. They are worth waiting for…and so are you.


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