Do Guys Support Abstinence?

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I am a virgin and I totally promote abstinence, but honestly I find it so hard to find young guys who are promoters of abstinence. How come?

Sherell, age 18

Dear Sherell,

Congratulations on being committed to abstinence! You are making the right choice and I am confident that this will help you to focus on and achieve your goals.

As far as young guys who promote abstinence – they are out there, believe me. Sometimes they might not be very outspoken about it, thinking that society values ‘players’ more. Just like some women think they have to disrespect themselves if they want to get dates. You and I know that is a lie. Continue to develop your strength of character and know that there are many men (real men!) out there looking for a woman just like you.

For now, here are some stories that will hopefully be an encouragement to you.

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