Todd Fuller Is for Abstinence

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Todd Fuller
Center #35
Height: 6′ 11″
Weight: 255
College: North Carolina State, 1996
Birthday: 7-25-74

It doesn’t take a math degree to achieve your dreams. But you do need to set goals, and add healthy doses of discipline and perseverance! That’s exactly what Todd Fuller did. Oh…and did we mention he DID major in math!

Todd majored in mathematics at North Carolina State, where he was named the 1996 Payne Webber Scholar-Athlete of the Year after achieving a 3.95 grade point average. Not bad for a guy who also led the conference in scoring (20.9 ppg) and was second in rebounding (9.9 rpg) during the 1995-96 season! Those numbers earned Todd a unanimous First-Team All-ACC selection.

After graduating, Todd Fuller was selected by the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the 1996 draft (11th pick overall). “Making it to the NBA was a dream come true for me,” Todd says. “It was the culmination of many years of work and the acceptance of a challenge of playing basketball at the highest level.”

That work and the success that followed didn’t happen by accident, Todd says. “In basketball, you’ve got to have a plan for improvement. Work at it a little every day. Improvement may not develop overnight, but with time put in each day, you’ll get from point A to point B.”

In addition to the Warriors, Todd has played for the Utah Jazz, Charlotte Hornets, Miami Heat and Orlando Magic.

A.C. Green
While a member of the Heat, Todd had the chance to spend a lot of time with teammate A.C. Green.

“During my junior of college, before I thought I would make it to the NBA, and long before I could ever have imagined one day being a teammate of AC’s, I read his book ‘Victory: The Principles of Championship Living,'” Todd says. “His book was an encouragement to me. I was impressed with A.C.’s commitment to God and to having a strong character. At the time, I never could have imagined I would one day be his teammate in the NBA. Looking back, I believe part of the reason God had me in Miami was to be a teammate and to learn from A.C.

“As a teammate of A.C.’s with the Miami Heat, I learned much from A.C. I learned from him what it was like to have a strong character and to be a Godly man of conviction. I learned how to lead by both words and actions. I even learned from him how to yell out ‘Nostrils!’ every time you hit a jumper in someone’s face!

“I enjoyed doing many things with A.C., often with other friends and teammates. We went bowling often and frequented a barbeque shack with fellow teammate Brian Grant in Miami. I went to Bible studies and prayed with A.C. and other teammates. A.C. and I went out a few times on my jet skis. I hope he learned from me not to be afraid of seawater and sea creatures! And ClubAC fans, did you know one of A.C.’s favorite snacks is Reduced Fat Wheat Thins? Talk about eating air! They don’t mix well with a stiff breeze as we stopped the jet skis once off South Beach to snack on them!”

Why Abstinence
Todd agrees with A.C. that abstinence is definitely the way to go. “I am 28 years old and have maintained a commitment to not lie with a woman until I am married,” Todd says. “To be truthful, the decision and the conviction to save sex until marriage has been easy to maintain, although unpopular. The secret lies in the strong relationship I have with God. I want to be married someday and I want to present a pure heart, mind, and body to my future wife as gifts to her.

“I have been teased and taunted by friends and teammates over the years. We even have exchanged laughs over the issue. However, the exciting thing that comes out of every discussion over my commitment is a high degree of respect. I clearly remember what one of my teammates told me regarding my commitment in a locker room discussion during my second season with Golden State. At the time, he had just recently gotten married. He said, ‘Todd, I really respect that [my commitment to abstinence]…. I wish I had done it….’

“So my advice to you is: Wait! And if you have not, if you have made mistakes, you can start over. You can turn your life around. Forgiveness can be real. You can move beyond the past.”

Todd doesn’t limit his activities to basketball! He’s an avid tennis fan. At the beginning of the summer, Todd says he played tennis 22 out of 24 days!

Todd’s also a big fan of the beach and water sports. In fact, he owns two jet skis which he’s taken over much of the southeastern United States.

When he isn’t in the ocean, he’s a bit higher up. Todd has his pilot’s license and enjoys flying.

Here’s some quick facts about Todd:

  • Graduated in 1996 from NC State with a degree in mathematics
  • Sponsors annual Todd Fuller Mathematics Competition for Wake County NC High Schools
  • Is a math tutor and a part-time teacher during the offseason at a local high school
  • Writes devotionals for Sports Spectrum magazine
  • Speaks at various youth, basketball, and business functions
  • Enjoys helping youth understand concepts and seeing “the light come on” in their mind

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